JazzyQonstructor will help you become a better composer or performer without the need for expert music knowledge, and get inspired by the creative possibilities made real by it’s main part – UnitedChordsQonstructor!

It consists of two parts: SimpleQonstructor(SQ) and UnitedChordsQonstructor(UCQ).
SQ consists of 31 DigitGuitarFuzz chords.
You need to define the chords used in your track and add as many avengers as you need. It’s not as robust as it could be, but that’s why it’s called SimpleQonstructor. Still, you can, obviously, witch to another timbre by changing the OSC form, samples etc.
List of chords:Full, Power,6,6/9,7,7#5#9,7#9,7b9,9,9b5,11,13,add9,dim7,mb6,m.maj7,m.maj9,m6,m6.9,m7,m7b5,m9,m11,m13,maj6.9(#11),maj7,maj7#5,maj7#11,maj9,sus2,sus4.
UCQ is 11 “united” instruments grouped as “Note”, “Pad”, “ElPiano”.
Notes are 12 Saw-waveform instruments with each one having up to 5 chords from 0 octave to the fourth. You can see all possible chords in the instruments names. For example Note 6-maj9-9-7b9-7#9 contains 5 chords: 6- on “0”octave, maj9 -“1″etc.. If you press the C key on 2 oct you’ll get C9 chord, A key on the 1 oct means Amaj9 and so on in the same timbre. Have a look or listen to the examples.
You can change a Note to another timbre by using OSCs, samples et cetera, same as in the 12 pads and 12 elpiano included in the UCQ.
List of chords combination: 6-maj9-9-7b9-7#9,  9b5-13-7#5#9, 13-9b5-7b9-7#9, dim7-m7b5-add9,  Full-7#5-maj7#11,  Full-sus2-sus4-m7,  m.maj9-m6.9-maj6.9#11-6.9,  m6-dim7-m7b5-7b5-maj7#11, m6-m.b6-m11-m13,  maj7-7-m7-sus2-sus4, maj9-9-m9-11,  m-m.maj7-m7-m7b5.


For full bundle consumers  48 ARP&SEQ Instruments with interesting rhythmic structure and more morphing possibilities! 

Or buy separately:

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