Ave!Moog Pads is a Expansion Pack for VPS Avenger synth that is inspired by the deep and classic MOOG Voyager sound.

Idea: turn famous monosynth into the poly on the Avengers FM platform with it great possibilities of modulation, FX etc..

So 38Mb, 75 presets, 22 Wavetables, 12 Resamples, 12 Granular and few Shapes&Samples is ready now!

All raw material is taken from real hard Moog Voyager synth.

The Pack is divided into two parts. First part contains presets sounds closely to original sound of Voyager in Poly mode with modulation opportunities of cause.

That presets numbering from digit “1” ater “AveMoog”.

Second part is consist of more Atmosphere , more digital sounds with more modulation in the most of presets. “2”after “AveMoog”.

Third is a mix of all with rhythmic structure and some craziness on my side.  3&4&5 after  “AveMoog”.

“3”is more digital. “5”is more natural.


Please use all Modulation opportunities. There are four Mod sources in every preset:

  • ModWheel (the MAIN).  It’s controls a lot of parametres and slowly morphing the sound under your manual control.
  • Third GlobMod knob. It’s provide you to change the mix of OSCs handly. Two or three OSC’s are possible. No more due to CPU economy.
  • ImpulseMorphing button 1 and IMB 2 are morphing sound quickly as it needed without sounds artefacts.
  • In the rhythmic presets IMB 2 is used as Rhythm on/off obviously.

It is normally to play with all knobs ,wheels and buttons!!! Find what you like.

If you hear some  unpleasant sound try to turn “OSC1/OSC2/OSC3” knob with ModWheel  simultaneously, push Buttons in any variants.

No result? Switch off relevant OSC !

Try FREE pack if you like it.

See Video below with AveMoog 1 preset.



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