Grab completely FREE Qaptain Gran Bass1 VPS Avenger Expansion Pack.

Test four  dance presets from the his big brother.

Let me tell you a few words about the best way to use it to get comprehensive view of this product.

There are three main modulation sources for sound morphing in every preset :

  • Modulation Wheel,
  • Macro1 (dif titles),
  • MacroBtn2 (dif titles).


Turn, push, up&down them and you’ll change the outcoming result. Of course MW and Macro1 are morphing sound how is your hand running. MacroBtn2 is for Impulse Morphing.

Normally Macro2 and Macro3 controls Reverb and Delay in the Send.

MacroBtn1 turns on/off Arp. For what? Try to play with this guy in the QaptainGranBass 12 preset.

Play one note in the first octave. Check out MW and MacroBtn2  work then slowly turn Macro1 clockwise. One more rhythm would be heard.

Catch the tempo and turn MacroBtn1 on.  Control MW and Macro1. Compose your own rhythmic script for your gig or use DAW s possibilities for better sync. Enjoy!

All presets are optimized for first and second octaves but try play higher. All up to you!

You can mute Drums or any of OSC s. Take other ARP from presets or compose your own. Mute some Drum sounds or Solo one Kick.

Have a fun!

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