Introducing a new product – Instrument Qonstructor (IQ).

Having loaded one instrument into the Avenger you get a   section of 7 crazy Cinematic sounds, plus 7 additional drum samples without processing but with the possibility of morphing by means of Avenger, plus 7 after Send with reverb and delay (or what you want!). Two octaves for the Pad and three octaves for Bass, with the ability to morph.

Get IQ Free for FREE (1 AmbiotiQ,1 TechniQ and 1 DrumIQ) !

There are more then 350 handmade samples in unlimited variations in this innovative IQ.

IQ lets you add a crazy beat-drive to the main Drum of Avenger synth managed by your chosen arpeggio and a keystroke of one of the 24 keys (-2 and -1 octave).
This is the ArpeggiosControledSamples  zone (ACS).. All samples are processed manually so that they give out a non-standard and original DrumBeat.
If you are not comfortable with the built-in Arpeggio, disable it and draw a rhythm in DAW or play live on the keyboard.
Standard Drum Avenger is controlled with a full 0 octave and is controlled by its DrumSQ.
On the 1st octave there are 7 samples with loop or without it. Almost all the samples are atonal. Drones, rises, whooches, cracs and the like. The C1 key is usually Ambience to create a certain space. This is the AtonalSamples zone (ATS). It is managed either manually or through DAW. Arpeggio functionality not provided.
The 2nd and 3rd octaves control tonal samples or Pad synthesized by the Avenger itself. Zone TonalSamples (TS). Can be under ARP.
At 4 octave and above is Bassline, either under Arp control or not.

You can design your music tool from the provided parts of ACS, ATS and TS by loading various samples into the appropriate OSC-s.

Watch the video.

Ideal for live entertainment for intros and song finales.

Optionally consists of the two parts AmbiotiQ and TechniQ. 

AmbiotiQ is little more by size and includes special Pads as Tonal Samples. TechniQ is more rough and designed for Techno style more.

If  you don’t like our TS and Bass just have a look on DrumIQ . It consist of ACS and ATS only.

You can by them separately.

But don’t forget about 5 QombO Instruments as BONUS included to the full version only.


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