We are thrilled to announce the Qaptain Gran Bass part 1 VPS Avenger Expansion Pack .

Based on the my MOOG Voyager sound it is great for EDM rhythm lines and optimized for DJ’s live gigs.

You are getting 50 crazy bassline presets with Granular additives for tonal sparks.

Each presets consists of three layers. First and second is usually  under ARP1 control for triggering. Third is under ARP2 or ARP1 as well.

There are three main Modulation sources in this Pack presets like ModWheel, MacroKnob1 and MacroButton2. Different functions are assigned.

Try it in the all combination by your mind. Build the rhythmic structure in your DAW. Result is crazy !!!

Play it better on the 1&2 octaves to play on the Factory Drum zone of VPS Avenger. When higher  – Lead ARP is possible.

You can turn main ARP off by MacroButton1 and get strange endless Bass sound.

Have a look here for live presentation on YouTube and try completely FREE version.

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