This is the second part of  Xerses Xfer Serum Packs  series.

All sounds are  based on the sampled MOOG hard synths and have been processed through FFT into the related Wavetables.

The result is a bit scary, rough and low-end sound with rich spectrum and harmonics. That is how the Keeper of Mummy has to talk !

He lives in the underground space with a lot of reflections and  he is praying, walking, working, talking, dancing, flying etc. But it is a monster and a beast.

This imaginations helped me to compose this pack.

It consist of 100 presets:

BASS – 22

PAD – 28

LEAD – 16

BASS SQ – 24

DAW ARP – 10 (you have to make the your own ARP in DAW’s Editor window).

PaWhatYouWant program is on.

Of course FREE VERSION is possible HERE.

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