Support & Contacts

How get what I bought?

After the purchase you will be forwarded to your profile page with your downloads.  You will also be emailed a link where you can download your products.

The whole system for delivery is automatic and although it works fine, we all know what happens every now and then with automatic systems. Normally it`s take till 30 secs.
You have 3 attempts to download you product. Time not limited.

How to install Avenger expansion?

Download files to directory your choice. Unpack if needed. Go to the “System page”, click on “IMPORT CONTENT”, find your downloaded .avengercontent file. Choose file that you want and open it. Expansion is immediately in your Avenger’s “Content” window.

How to install Waverazor presets?

Click on the floppy icon on the right of Presets .
You will see:

Use Import…

How to install Kontakt instruments?

Just unpack downloaded file to dir where your Kontakt content is.
Find .nki files by Kontakt`s browser in Files window. Enjoy!


How to install Wiggle presets?

Unpack downloaded file to the User/Documents/2nd Sense/Wiggle/Preset/User/

or other dir where are Wiggles presets exists. Find them in synths browser by LOAD button.